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Fraternity: Kappa Alpha Order

Position/Involvement: Kappa Alpha Historian and SGA Senator



Hunstville, AL

High School:

Huntsville High School







Why did you join a fraternity?        

  • I joined a fraternity here at Auburn in hopes to find a solid group of guys that were like me while also making me a better man. The fun experiences you hear about from family and friends that come along with Greek life was also a factor.

One of the biggest concerns of incoming freshman and their parents is the financial aspect; do you feel it was worth paying the average of 1500 a semester?     

  • The thing that grinds my gears the most is when people say, “You are paying you’re your friends.” Paying the dues to be a part of a fraternity at Auburn (or anywhere) is not fun, but it is part of it. You are not paying for friends- you are paying for an organization that is going to provide so much more than just a few buddies to cut up with while you’re at school. Although the friendships you form are a huge part of joining a fraternity, the experiences, guidance, and connections you make during your time here make it worth it, ten-fold.

Another concern of a lot of parents is being able to balance fraternity life with academics, what advice would you give to incoming freshman to help them enjoy all aspects of college while maintaining good grades?

  • Surround yourself with guys that have a similar mindset and goals. This will provide you the motivation you may need to take care of business in the classroom and on campus. With the way Auburn and its Greek system is designed, I believe it does not set you up for failure. The system provides you the opportunities and resources you need to achieve success in and outside of the classroom

What do you think/what are the benefits to joining a fraternity?

  • I believe the benefits of joining a fraternity go way beyond just the friendships you make…joining a fraternity provides you with experiences, connections, and opportunities to grow in more ways than one that you will not find elsewhere. Whether it is in your spiritual life, the classroom, or up at the fraternity house the benefits are endless.

What do you enjoy the most about your fraternity?

  • I enjoy the people I am around the most. I have guys that encourage me to grow in my spiritual life, in the classroom, and in a social setting. KA has provided me with a great group of guys that I know I can always count on and look forward to being around any day of the week. 

What is the biggest lesson (or two) that being in fraternity has taught you?

  • One of the biggest lessons being in a fraternity has taught me has been the ability to manage everything (it is an ongoing process, haha). As classes get harder, the workload becomes heavier. Getting involved on campus, outside of the fraternity, can add on to this load. However, being able to manage my work and balance my social life with school has been a great skill that being in a fraternity has taught me.

If you could go back would you do it again?

  • Without a doubt, plain and simple.