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If you're interested in setting up a consultation with Jessica-Lauren, here are the steps and the forms to move forward with an individualized nutrition consult.
·     Fill these documents out with as much detail as possible including two weekdays and one weekend day on the recall. Please try NOT to change what you would typically choose to eat and drink during the days you are recording your intake. This gives us a real-life snapshot of your current nutrition status. You may email Jessica-Lauren to set up your appointment time based on your anticipated date of turning in the necessary paperwork.
·     Return the forms to the Wellness Suite Welcome Desk (Heisman Level of the Rec and Wellness Center) to an administrative assistant with attention to Jessica-Lauren Newby between the hours of 7:45-4:45. You can call 334-844-0023 if you need assistance.
·     Upon receiving your paperwork, Jessica-Lauren will assign a Nutrition Team Member** to analyze your dietary recall with our nutrition analysis software. We will use your results during your consult for goal-setting. You will receive a copy of the in-depth analysis to carry home with you should you so desire.
·     We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your health potential! If we have not already set up your appointment, we will contact you when the assessment has been completed to set up your appointment time. We require three business days between the receipt of paperwork and the consultation time.
*Because Auburn University is a teaching institution, the Nutrition Team Members who are training to be Registered Dietitians observe consultations in confidentiality to gain experience in nutrition counseling. If you have a concern regarding his/her observation, please let Jessica-Lauren know upon turning your paperwork prior to your appointment.

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Last Updated: 11/20/2013