Come check out the Learn 2 Clinic on Boxing! This class will start on January 21, 2014, and will be every Monday and Wednesday from 3-4 pm in the Eagle room. 

Fees: $70 - Includes mitts & wraps (with group fit pass)
Fees: $80 - Includes mitts & wraps (without group fit pass)

Meet our Instructors: Shane Mills is one out of the 2 instructors coming to teach this clinic. Shane has 7 years Taekwondo experience. He is an MMA fighter with a 3-1 record and 10 years experience with MMA. Shane is also a fight team trainer, and has a BJJ blue belt-9-2 grappling record. The second trainer teaching boxing is Keith Johnson. Keith has a BJJ brown belt, 12 years experience in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, over 10 years experience in MMA, and 18 years of wrestling experience. He is a grappling coach and is also a head coach for Kage Fit. 


This will be an 8 weeks session of P45X. It will start January 12 and go through March 7, 2014. The class will meet Monday-Thursday from 7-7:45 am located in both the Tiger room and Eagle Room. You will have a different instructor everyday, with varying class structures. Allows up to 30 participants.

Fees: $20- with group fit pass, $45 without group fit pass

Class Structure - Monday: Shockwave Team Play- Tiger Room

         Tuesday: Hardcore Work/Flexibility- Eagle Room

         Wednesday: Tiger Pump- Tiger Room

         Thursday: HIIT Challenge (Insanity Style)- Eagle Room 

Barefoot Ballet for Beginners

Any level of dance experience accepted, as ballet basics challenge event the most experienced dancer. However, class design will be based on the adult beginner who has little to no ballet training prior to attending this class, unless population suggest otherwise. Why barefoot? Dance shoes are both a tricky and expensive item to purchase as a beginner dancer- confusion often results from the selection of various brands and styles all with a hefty price tag. Having to dance barefoot eliminates this cost, provides greater movement in the feet, and allows the instructor to observe and correct mistakes in technique easier. This will be a 2 day a week class, most likely in the evenings for a duration of 1 hour. 

Fees: $20- with group fit pass, $45 - without group fit pass

Meet our Instructor: Rachel Tunney has extensive ballet training (16 years), and has danced professionally from 2012-2013. 


Last Updated: 1/13/2014