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Program Description

iCare Kids is dedicated to educating youth about money and philanthropy because we want the next generation to see their own potential to bring about positive change in the world around them. When teaching youth how to SPEND, SAVE, and SHARE their money wisely and the importance to give of their TIME, TALENTS, TREASURE, and TRUST, they become leaders of tomorrow! Our programs are designed to foster imagination, build confidence, encourage compassion, and highlight the need for kids to be money smart while making an impact on others. Participants will identify core values, learn key money skills, understand wants vs. needs, and practice philanthropy. iCare Kids offers two educational programs: a learning series and a book club. 


Learning Series

iCare Kids Learning Series consists of five one-hour educational sessions for youth ages 8-12. This learning series focuses on character development, goal setting, money smarts, philanthropy, and legacy building. Throughout this learning series, participants will develop their leadership and giving skills while creating their BRIGHT future.


Book Club

iCare Kids Book Club is an instructional reading program for K-6 that focuses on character development, money smarts, philanthropy, and legacy building. The book club lessons are centered on unique themes selected by the youth-serving organization and are individually tailored to fulfill the needs requested (i.e. topic, age-level, number of lessons, etc.). Each lesson includes the book(s) selected and corresponding activities that are skill-level appropriate. The book club aims to encourage reading while empowering young minds. Our goal for iCare Kids Book Club is to equip all youth with the knowledge to reach their full potential.

Last Updated: April 22, 2022