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Alabama Association of Public Personnel Administrators is a non-profit organization whose members work in state, county, municipal governments, public utilities and regional planning commissions. Any person working in public sector HR is eligible for membership.

EducationMath & Science

The Auburn University Tax Professional Seminars and Accounting seminars are sponsored by the Office of Professional & Continuing Education in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service. Auburn University is also a member of the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation.

College PreparationEducationWriting & Language

The AP® Summer Institute (APSI) Workshop is endorsed by College Board and designed to aid the professional development of teachers, counselors, and administrators who are involved with Advanced Placement (AP®) courses. Workshops are designed for teachers who are teaching an Advanced Placement course for the first time and for experienced teachers desiring refresher training. Topics include subject matter content, test construction, pupil and teacher selection, College Board policies and procedures, and preparation and grading of AP tests.

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The Alabama City/County Management Association exists to advance professional management in Alabama's City and County Governments and to support the professional development of its members and local officials.

EducationGeneral PublicLaw & Public PolicyLeadership Skills

The Alabama Local Government Training Institute (ALGTI), in accordance with ACT 94-598, provides training for Alabama county commissioners, enabling commissioners to complete the 50-hour course as mandated by the State, within two years of each commissioner’s initial election date.

6th-8th Grade9th-12th Grade12th gradeArchitecture & Urban PlanningArt/Drama/MusicAuburn UniversityAuburn UniversityCollege PreparationMath & ScienceDesign & Construction

Opportunities open upon request and are fulfilled based on staff availability. 

Guest Speaker- Present on the College of Architecture, Design and Construction and the careers the majors in the college lead to. 

Speaker and Workshop- Guest Speaker focusing on one or two fields and a workshop for the students to complete a sample project representing one field. 

College PreparationEducationFamily

The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program allows Soldiers to earn professional and technical credentials. The CA program is similar to the Army’s existing Tuition Assistance program and provides financial assistance for Soldiers to pursue and earn credentials leading to an industry- recognized academic or vocational credential. 

EducationGeneral PublicHealth & Health Care Professions

The Aspirational Philanthropist, the first-of-its-kind program, is a learning series designed to guide donors using a roadmap as they seek to solidify their legacy through giving, both to their families and the causes that are important to them. The step-by-step roadmap is presented through four courses, with each building on knowledge to enable individual donors to find how they can be the best stewards of their personal and financial resources as they seek to do good for their families, in their communities, and around the world.

Auburn University

The Auburn First program offers high school students an accessible and affordable opportunity to take official Auburn University courses and earn both college and high school credit at the same time.

EducationWriting & Language

Auburn University Test Prep courses are designed by a team of former standardized exam question writers and test preparation experts. Our experienced and professional instructors are highly trained and care about your success. Let our Test Prep Courses help you achieve your goals.

Business & IndustryCollege PreparationEducation

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law July 22, 2014 and supersedes the Workforce Investment Act. It promotes program coordination and alignment of key employment, education and training programs at the Federal, State, regional and local level. WIOA was designed to provide workforce investment activities to increase employment, retention and earnings, and the attainment of nationally recognized and/or postsecondary credentials.

Pre-KindergartenK-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th Grade9th-12th Grade12th gradeAuburn UniversityAvailable in SummerDay CampEducationFamilyLeadership SkillsOvernight

Auburn Youth Programs is a part of University Outreach that sponsors and executes over 100 summer programs designed to educate and inspire youth in a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular endeavors. Participants have the opportunity to further their education and develop skills while making new friends and experiencing life at Auburn University!

Auburn UniversityEducationLaw & Public Policy

The Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) supports universities in their mission to assist states and their economic development community through the “EDA University Center” program. Universities have many assets, including expertise, specialized equipment, and commercialization experience that can help grow regional and state economies.

Pre-KindergartenK-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th Grade9th-12th Grade12th gradeAuburn UniversityAvailable in SummerEducationFamilyGeneral PublicHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLeadership SkillsSocial Services

Auburn University has a mission of Outreach – engaging the community to improve the quality of life for our citizens. Auburn University Outreach encourages students to take an active role in fulfilling our mission by volunteering and getting involved with local organizations.

Auburn UniversityLeadership Skills

The Auburn University Award for Excellence in Faculty Outreach honors the engagement of exemplary faculty members and demonstrates the tremendous impact Auburn's outreach has on our community, state, nation, and beyond. 

Auburn UniversityEducation

Spring 2022 Term

K-2nd Grade3rd-5th GradeAvailable in SummerDay CampEducationLeadership Skills

Camp iCare was founded in 2010 with a vision to empower the next generation; since then has since hosted over 60 camps and reached over 2,500 youth. Camp iCare is one of Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences' Cary Center for the Advancement for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies’ trademarked programs.

We are dedicated to educating youth about money and philanthropy because we want the next generation to see their own potential to bring about positive change in the world around them. When teaching youth how to SPEND, SAVE, and SHARE their money wisely and the importance to give of their TIME, TALENTS, TREASURE, and TRUST, they become leaders of tomorrow!

Camp iCare is an action-packed day camp designed to foster imagination, build confidence, encourage compassion, and highlight the need for kids to be money smart while making an impact on others. Campers completing grades K-5 identify core values, learn key money skills, understand wants vs. needs, and practice philanthropy. Campers will develop their leadership and giving skills during this unforgettable week through EPIC experiences!

Auburn UniversityFamilyGeneral PublicHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLeadership SkillsSocial Services

The Campus Kitchen Project is an emerging leader in community service for students and resourceful anti-hunger programs for communities around the country.

Auburn UniversityBusiness & IndustryCulture (American & Intl)EducationFamilyGeneral PublicHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLaw & Public PolicySocial ServicesTeacher Preparation

Recognizing a need and opportunity to serve our local communities and the state of Alabama, the Harrison College of Pharmacy established the Center for Opioid Research, Education and Outreach, or COACH, in 2019. We have a long history of conducting vital work in this area, but the creation of the center allows us to unify our existing programs and research. COACH brings a holistic response to a complex and multifaceted problem, working to serve our citizenry by becoming a recognized leader in advocacy, research, education, and outreach by improving the health and well-being of those impacted by opioids and substance use disorders. Please explore our website to learn more about COACH and to view our continuing education offerings as well as upcoming events.

Business & IndustryEducationFinancial AssistanceGeneral PublicLaw & Public Policy

This program certifies private examiners of sales and use tax accounts to enhance professionalism and integrity in the examination of business records; develop competence in the conduct of examinations and compliance with Alabama laws governing sales, use, rental, and related taxes; and assist private examiners to remain current in their field through continuing education.

Health & Health Care Professions

This Center engages university students and faculty from diverse disciplines with community members to support their overall well-being. Nursing students will be available to support diabetes management and asthma education. Pharmacy students will provide medication management education. Speech, language, and hearing students will support communication needs. Ongoing COVID-19 vaccinations and testing will be provided during all hours of operation. Examples of other disciplines committed to engagement are kinesiology, social work, nutrition science, human development and family science, and counseling. Other disciplines will be engaged as needs emerge.

K-2nd Grade3rd-5th GradeEducationSocial ServicesHealth & Health Care ProfessionsAuburn UniversityTeacher Preparation

This HDFS class is designed to give undergraduate students advanced training in working with elementary school children who are struggling with their peer relationships and
socioemotional skills. Students spend the first three weeks engaging in reading about the
importance of positive peer relationships and the skills needed to effectively interact with
others. We also learned about the history of social skills training and the techniques and
strategies used to work with children. The remainder of the semester is spent in small groups working with five children, three of whom have been identified as needing help interacting with other children and their teachers. One day (two hours) a week is spent preparing activities and discussing the previous week’s session. The other day (two hours) is spent out in the school, working with the children. Writing assignments include short reflection papers on the readings or the week’s session and vary depending on the number of credits the student is signed up for. This is tough but rewarding work. It is perfect for students wanting to do applied and clinical work with children, but students from any major are welcome. Students who are interested should contact Dr. Troop-Gordon at wpg0006@auburn.edu to set up an interview.

K-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th Grade9th-12th GradeArt/Drama/MusicCulture (American & Intl)

I am completing this from request related to K-12 programming.  We do not have a standing K-12 project, but we support schools in several ways throughout the year as capacity and invitations/interest allows.  Most programs relate to history, culture, performing arts, or civic skills development.  Examples of engagement over the past year include:

 classroom deliberative forums on the Creek Indian War (4th grade);  High school theatre workshop; High school show choir workshop and collaborative performance; sponsorship/coordination of storyteller.  

communities include: Camden, Elba, Auburn, Beauregard, Packer's Bend, Beatrice





Auburn UniversityAvailable in SummerHealth & Health Care ProfessionsPostgraduate Education / Continuing Education

Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy (HCOP), Division of Clinical Affairs and Outreach (CAO), Office of Alumni and Professional Affairs:

HCOP's Office of Alumni and Professional Affairs offers innovative educational opportunities for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other health care professionals, both regionally and nationally. Our office strives to meet the needs for lifelong learning by delivering programs that increase participants' knowledge in basic and applied science and enhancing skills necessary to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing and developing profession.   Our professional continuing education program is accredited by the American Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE).  We offer a broad variety of live and non-live topics designed to meet the continuing education requirements for active pharmacist and pharmacy technician licensure, as well as requirements for other health professions such as medicine, nursing, and allied health sciences.


Each term, Auburn University offers approximately 50 - 75 short courses, specializing in a broad array of topics that include health and fitness, arts and crafts, financial planning, recreation and sportsman activities, language and communication studies, music, computers, life-saving skills, test preparation, driver education, and much more! 

EducationGeneral PublicLaw & Public PolicyWriting & Language

This court reporting, closed captioning, and CART providing self-paced, home study training program will prepare you to be an excellent real-time writer to allow you to enter any or all three of these exciting, lucrative careers.

EducationGeneral PublicLeadership SkillsThe Environment

This court reporting, closed captioning, and CART providing self-paced, home study training program will prepare you to be an excellent real-time writer to allow you to enter any or all three of these exciting, lucrative careers.

EducationHealth & Health Care Professions

The Dietary Manager Program at Auburn University is a self-paced, non-credit certificate program that you can complete at home, on your own time. This means that you can maintain a job while working towards completion of the program. Those who are highly motivated and organized will best succeed in the program.


Digital changes everything. Culture. Commerce. Community. And then digital goes and changes itself. Such is the rate of progress. Your ambition may be big and clear, but without the right digital skills, it is completely out of reach. And it’s not just about what you can do either – it’s also about what the world knows you can do.

Business & IndustryEducationFinancial AssistanceGeneral Public

This monthly webinar series offered by Auburn University’s Office of Professional and Continuing Education at no cost to participants. The series features experts from a variety of sectors including education, business, industry, public service, finance, and presents information and skills essential for navigating today’s ever-changing world.

EducationGeneral PublicLeadership Skills

The EDAA Leadership Institute educates and engages elected officials, Economic Development board members, and other community leaders about key issues in economic and community development.

FamilyGeneral PublicLeadership SkillsSocial ServicesThe Environment

Emergency Management is the managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. The profession seeks to promote safer, less vulnerable communities with the capacity to cope with hazards and disasters by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capability to protect and mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.

Auburn UniversityComputersEducationGeneral Public

Free, online reference resource on Alabama's history, culture, geography, and natural environment. EOA is an outreach initiative of Auburn University working in collaboration with a number of state agencies, educational institutions and historical and humanities organizations across Alabama.

Auburn UniversityEducationFamilySocial Services

The Faculty Outreach and Engagement Council (FOEC), in an advisory capacity, will champion, advocate, promote and support Auburn University faculty, staff and student outreach, community/public/civic engagement, extension and engaged scholarship. The Outreach and Engagement Community of Practice (OECOP) is a collective of Auburn University faculty, staff and students who share passion and concern for the outreach, community engagement, applied research, extension and engaged scholarship work they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

EducationFamilyHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLeadership Skills

Join Outreach Global's 9 days annual community health clinic and educational program in Ghana. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the local society and culture of Ghana than joining the Ghana Annual Healthcare Program.

EducationHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLeadership Skills

Global Community Day Festival is a day for bringing international and non-international communities together to learn and experience global culture, history, and related opportunities. Outreach Global Office believes that uniting communities to experience diverse perspectives will enhance awareness and critical thinking about social issues such as cultural differences, customs, traditions, religion, politics and the world economy.

Culture (American & Intl)EducationLeadership Skills

Explore the world through history, culture and education.

AutomobilesBusiness & IndustryEducationGeneral PublicLeadership Skills

Global Leadership Training is an initiative originally established to support the automotive manufacturers along the Interstate-85 Corridor by providing comprehensive training and assistance services.

Auburn UniversityAvailable in SummerCulture (American & Intl)EducationLeadership SkillsSocial Services


Global Studies in Education – South Korea is a College of Education outreach/study abroad program sponsored by Korean automotive companies located in eastern Alabama, Auburn City Schools, and Auburn University.  The program objectives are to help teachers and administrators in Alabama:

  • increase knowledge of Korean culture and Korean educational systems;
  • promote appreciation of diversity and global education; and
  • develop skills and knowledge to teach Korean culture and the value of diversity to students.


The program includes five-day pre-departure meetings in the spring and a 10-day trip to South Korea in the summer.

Business & IndustryCulture (American & Intl)EducationLaw & Public PolicyLeadership Skills

GlobalConnect camp is designed to expose students to world perspective, international education, intercultural communication, and current affairs happenings. The program focuses on selected countries from each of the seven continents with special emphasis on culture, education, geography, history, politics, economics, and tourism.

Business & IndustryEducationGeneral PublicMath & Science

This program was established in 1999 for examiners of private auditing or collecting firms. The certified revenue examiner certification program was established with several minimum qualifications including a bachelor’s degree in accounting from an accredited university or college along with the satisfactory completion of the certified revenue examiner program. The program also requires 40 hours of continuing education annually and the attendance of the Annual Mandated Update Course.


The courses in the Graphic Design Certificate Program are designed to help individuals develop their skills and remain competitive in the graphic design industry and beyond. Using Adobe Creative Cloud applications, the courses cover essential purposes and methods to prepare participants for sophisticated graphic design processes.

9th-12th Grade12th gradeAuburn UniversityEducation

High School Leadership Conference (HSLC) is an on campus event hosted by qualified Auburn University students for high school students in Alabama and surrounding states. The purpose of this conference is to give high school students the tools they need to become successful leaders in both their schools and communities.

9th-12th Grade12th gradeArchitecture & Urban PlanningAuburn UniversityAuburn UniversityAvailable in SummerCollege PreparationDesign & ConstructionMath & ScienceOvernight

The College of Architecture, Design and Construction offers six summer camps that run nine sessions throughout the summer. They are as follows: 

Architecture Camp

Building Construction Camp

Industrial Design Workshop

Construction Management Summer Academy for Young Women

Design and Construction Discovery Camp

Industrial Design Workshop in Mobile, Alabama at Futures Studio

Learn more about our camps at https://cadc.auburn.edu/cadc/outreach/summer-camps/ 

EducationSocial Services

Human Resources provides technical assistance to organizations through an array of human resource consulting services.

K-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th GradeAvailable in SummerEducationLeadership Skills

iCare Kids is dedicated to educating youth about money and philanthropy because we want the next generation to see their own potential to bring about positive change in the world around them. When teaching youth how to SPEND, SAVE, and SHARE their money wisely and the importance to give of their TIME, TALENTS, TREASURE, and TRUST, they become leaders of tomorrow! Our programs are designed to foster imagination, build confidence, encourage compassion, and highlight the need for kids to be money smart while making an impact on others. Participants will identify core values, learn key money skills, understand wants vs. needs, and practice philanthropy. iCare Kids offers two educational programs: a learning series and a book club. 


Learning Series

iCare Kids Learning Series consists of five one-hour educational sessions for youth ages 8-12. This learning series focuses on character development, goal setting, money smarts, philanthropy, and legacy building. Throughout this learning series, participants will develop their leadership and giving skills while creating their BRIGHT future.


Book Club

iCare Kids Book Club is an instructional reading program for K-6 that focuses on character development, money smarts, philanthropy, and legacy building. The book club lessons are centered on unique themes selected by the youth-serving organization and are individually tailored to fulfill the needs requested (i.e. topic, age-level, number of lessons, etc.). Each lesson includes the book(s) selected and corresponding activities that are skill-level appropriate. The book club aims to encourage reading while empowering young minds. Our goal for iCare Kids Book Club is to equip all youth with the knowledge to reach their full potential.

EducationGeneral PublicLeadership Skills

The course is divided into two one-week sessions and introduces participants to all phases of economic development. Program leaders and faculty have proven success in economic development practices and techniques. Instructors represent the field’s most effective practitioners from throughout the state and nation.

9th-12th GradeAuburn UniversityAvailable in SummerComputersEducationEngineeringMath & Science

ITEST-Alabama is an NSF-funded project aimed to promote interest in computer science among high school girls and minority students attending schools in Alabama’s Black Belt areas. The program was established on the foundation of a strong partnership between Tuskegee University and Auburn University. Tuskegee University's computer science faculty provides content support, while the education faculty at Auburn University are responsible for educational research and evaluation. The program is divided into two parts: a one-month-long Summer Academy and a Fall group project. During the Summer Academy, students learn various aspects of computer science, such as software engineering, network security, and computer hardware, and also engage in coding using MIT App Inventor. Once they have acquired the basic knowledge and skills in computer science, they work on a mobile app development project in the Fall semester. The Summer Academy takes place in July at the Tuskegee University campus, while the fall project occurs online and lasts until early December. Students attending schools in Alabama's Black Belt areas who are in 9th to 11th grade and interested in computer science-related careers are eligible to apply. The program also welcomes local school teachers who are interested in supporting their students' group projects and promoting computer science in their schools.


K-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th Grade9th-12th Grade12th gradeEducationGeneral PublicLeadership Skills

These courses are a Pass/Fail basis. You must obtain an overall score of 70% or higher, with no individual exam score below 50%, to pass this course and receive confirmation of completion.

Auburn UniversityCulture (American & Intl)EducationGeneral PublicLeadership SkillsWriting & Language

The Korea Corner will help bridging the gaps between the Korean community and non-Korean communities by promoting a shared understanding and appreciation through collaborative efforts.

Pre-KindergartenK-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th Grade9th-12th GradeAvailable in SummerDay CampEducationThe Environment

We serve the Auburn/Opelika areas along with the surrounding counties by offering nature-based education programming including field trips, camps, education programming, special events, and more.  These events are offered throughout the year.  

9th-12th GradeEducationLeadership Skills

The LEAD program is an initiative of the Truman Pierce Institute that serves grades 9-12 in a supportive effort to aid in the aspirations and interests of our young dreamers. This program is designed to build confidence, inspire excitement, analyze cultural differences, expose participants to campus life and collegiate departments, and encourage new discoveries as students explore their academic dreams.

Art/Drama/MusicBusiness & IndustryComputersCulture (American & Intl)EducationEngineeringFamilyHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLaw & Public PolicyLeadership SkillsMath & ScienceSocial ServicesThe EnvironmentWriting & Language

Learning Spaces will comprise hands-on activities including local field trips, sessions on character building, wellness, art, natural sciences, history, STEM, global awareness and other interesting topics. Workshops will also be offered to parents.

Pre-KindergartenK-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th GradeArt/Drama/MusicAuburn UniversityEducationTeacher Preparation

Learning to Teach: Teaching to Learn (LTTL) focuses on providing early-degree teaching experiences for Auburn University Music Education majors, and music education lessons for elementary students in Loachapoka and Reeltown who, due to school funding issues, otherwise would not have music education. Auburn Music Education students complete Introduction to Music Education in their first fall semester (freshman fall), and then complete three semesters of team and individual teaching in Music Education Lab I, Lab II, and Methods I. During the first two semesters in LTTL (2nd and 3rd semester), Auburn Music Education students teach in teams, and in their fourth semester (sophomore spring), they serve as mentors for their freshman-level peers, and they teach individually with a peer mentor observer. This program sets a foundation of in-classroom, independent teaching experiences as Auburn Music Education students move into their methods classes and begin working with certified music educators, teaching, and learning from experts in the field. 

Auburn UniversityEducationLaw & Public Policy

Auburn University provides professional development and continuing education opportunities for legal professionals through our Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and Paralegal Certificate Course programs. 

Auburn UniversityBusiness & IndustryEducationGeneral PublicLaw & Public PolicyMath & Science

The Association of Alabama Tax Administrators with support from the Government & Economic Development Institute at Auburn University provides a certification program to increase the knowledge and professionalism of those involved in licensing administration. The program is designed to provide greater proficiency and understanding to individuals working in the county licensing offices.


Spring 2022 Term

College PreparationEducationFinancial Assistance

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program provides financial assistance for military spouses. MyCAA provides spouses up to $4,000 over 2 years to pursue degree programs, licenses or credentials that lead to employment in portable career fields.

Business & IndustryCollege PreparationEducationLeadership SkillsSocial ServicesWriting & Language

The purpose of the program is to expose the students to the field of Social Work and other disciplines, encourage them to enroll in college and to develop life, employment and leadership skills.


Building on Auburn University's mission to serve the citizens of Alabama and beyond, the Office of Professional and Continuing Education's online programs offer a variety of non-credit workforce and professional development training opportunities that will enable participants to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and highly competitive global economy. The goal of these programs is to increase access to higher education by facilitating the creation and implementation of high quality, interactive, non-credit courses and certificate programs.


Pre-KindergartenK-2nd Grade3rd-5th GradeEducationFamily

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an empirically-supported treatment for young children with emotional and behavioral disorders that places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and changing parent-child interaction patterns. PCIT International and Auburn University are pleased to provide therapists and trainees with a growing library of continuing education (CE) videos.

Auburn UniversityBusiness & IndustryComputersEducationGeneral Public

Personal Branding for Professionals is a 5-module online course designed to assist professionals of any industry or background in discovering who they are as a professional; communicating their experience and skill set; and marketing their abilities, experience, skills and strengths through a resume, cover letter and online profiles.

Auburn UniversityBusiness & IndustryEducationGeneral PublicLaw & Public PolicyMath & Science

The program is designed to enhance appraisal, mapping, and management skills so that participants may be certified by the State. Those eligible to achieve certification are county elected and appointed property tax officials and the Property Tax Division staff of the Alabama Department of Revenue

Business & IndustryComputersEducation

Auburn's Office of Professional and Continuing Education provides non-credit education opportunities for real estate professionals through workshops, conferences, and online training. 

K-2nd Grade3rd-5th Grade6th-8th GradeAvailable in SummerDay CampEducationMath & Science

Science Matters is a summer enrichment program for elementary students in rising 1st - 6th grades that offers science and math themed curricula in a fun camp environment. Students explore science through real experiments, technology, art projects and make and take activities.  The program is offered on campus each summer for 5 or 6 weeks and meets from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. The flexibility of Science Matters allows students to engage in a single week or in multiple weeks each summer. Courses are designed and taught by exceptional elementary and secondary teachers of science who are trained in inquiry-based, student-centered learning approaches of instruction.



Financial AssistanceLaw & Public PolicySocial ServicesAuburn University

The Office of Public Service was awarded a $60,000 grant by the Financial Health Network’s (FHN) Financial Solutions Lab in December 2021 to facilitate a pilot program and system mapping of the current process to obtain government issued identification through a justice-involved institution. The FHN and Alabama Appleseed identified lack of government-issued identification as a barrier to the financial health of those who are incarcerated.


Following initial meetings with Alabama state agencies such as the Department of Corrections (ADOC), Department of Youth Services (ADYS), Department of Public Health (ADPH), Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Hollie Cost (AVP for University Outreach and Public Service), Tori Ho (Office of Public Service Graduate Assistant), and the David Mathews Center for Civic Life (DMC) convened the state agencies, justice-involved individuals, and community-based reentry organizations to discuss their current process and experiences in obtaining identification for their populations or as a formerly incarcerated individual. All parties shared their institutional knowledge and experience and provided feedback to assist the DMC with proposing a new pathway to secure identification for 10-30 individuals during a pilot.


As the project concluded, DOC withdrew from participation in the pilot; however, DYS secured a nondriver’s ID or duplicate driver’s license for 50committed youth, and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office secured a nondriver’s ID for 2 inmates. DYS has committed to fully integrating this process into each youth’s commitment. Justice involved youth expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm for securing these identifications and indicated they would use them to secure jobs and attend colleges and universities after returning home. Justice involved adults were excited about the prospect of using their new identifications to establish bank accounts and careers.

Business & IndustryComputersEducationGeneral Public

HR professionals like you are facing new and larger challenges each day due in part to a changing workforce, shifting legislation and regulations and so much more. Ensure you're prepared for these changes, and anything else thrown your way with SHRM's global HR credentials, SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.

EducationGeneral PublicLeadership Skills

Outreach Ambassadors are students who are dedicated to assisting Auburn University Outreach in developing, promoting, and supporting university programs that serve the broader community.

Business & IndustryEducationFamilyGeneral PublicHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLaw & Public PolicySocial ServicesTeacher Preparation

COACH’s Substance Use and Misuse Institute’s Substance Use Disorders in Alabama (SUDA) project is sponsored by the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) through a parent grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). We are excited to offer educational programming regarding substance use disorders related to their effects on an individual’s mental health with a focus centered on populations of significance. Webinars designed in concert with this project target two primary cohorts: Community Members and Healthcare Professionals. Healthcare Professionals are eligible to receive continuing education credit for their participation. Please visit our website to view the educational offerings associated with our project.


Auburn UniversityAvailable in SummerEducationLeadership Skills

This summer, help your child become a confident, enthusiastic reader in the Summer Reading Skills Programs, offered by Auburn University Office of Professional and Continuing Education and taught by instructors from the Institute of Reading Development.

K-2nd Grade3rd-5th GradeAuburn UniversityAvailable in SummerEducationFamily

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Lee County partnered with the Auburn Masters Swim Club, the City of Auburn's Parks and Recreation Department, Auburn University, and Dick's Sporting Goods to offer swim lessons to summer camp participants, ages 6-11, for several weeks this summer. Camp counselors who accompanied the kids to Samford Pool twice a week this summer said that the Swim Instruction to Reduce Risk Fast (SIRRF) program is the one that the kids looked forward to the most.

EducationHealth & Health Care ProfessionsLaw & Public Policy

The objective of the course is to help increase the understanding of public policy makers, as well as other contributing members to society, concerning the harmful effects of marijuana use and the implications of those harmful effects for the mental and physical well-being of individuals of all ages in society; the implications of the harmful effects of marijuana use on the capacity of adults and ultimately, the rising generation to function as responsible citizens.

Culture (American & Intl)EducationHealth & Health Care Professions

"Transforming and Leading Organizations" is designed to help leaders and managers hone their abilities and skills in ways that help them transform their organizations into healthy organizational cultures that will have greater success in accomplishing internal and external organizational goals.

9th-12th GradeEducationLaw & Public PolicySocial ServicesSpecial Education, Transition, Vocational Rehab

Transition Unlimited staff work with every high school in the state a long side their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services to create a Transition Action Plan detailing pre-employment transition services delivered to students in all grades and under a 504 plan or IEP.  This assists the state with adherence to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA).  This project was initiated in 2016.

General PublicLeadership Skills

The Fall Virtual Volunteer Fair will open in September 2022.



The Web Design Certificate Course will give you an understanding of color, typography, web design concepts, coding languages, and best practices for your web design business or career. Learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3, along with JavaScript essentials, all using the robust coding engine of Adobe Dreamweaver. 

EducationLeadership Skills

Young Professionals In Training (YPIT) is a mentoring and tutoring program for students in 5th–12th grade. The program will expose students from underrepresented populations to majors and careers on Auburn University's campus. 

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