How to submit an accommodation request to your instructor:


Step One: Log into AU Access

Step Two: Click on the My Academics Tab

Step Three: Find the header Academic Accommodations and Accessibility and choose the Notify Instructors of Your Accommodation Needs link.

Step Four: Select the semester needed and click submit.

Step Five: You will be directed to a page listing your classes for that semester. Click on the class you would like to receive accommodations. (You are only able to submit a request one class at a time)

Step Six: Click on the instructor's name you would like to receive your accommodation request. If there are multiple instructors listed that you would like notified for a particular course, you must submit the requests individually for each instructor. If you are unsure which instructor(s) will be teaching the course, submit request after attending the first class meeting.

Step Seven: Review your accommodations to ensure they are correct. Click Continue to send your accommodations to your instructors.

Step Eight: An email documenting your accommodation needs has been sent to your instructor. An email will be copied to your AU email account as well.

Step Nine: Click continue to request accommodations for your remaining classes.

REMINDER: Your accommodations will be inactive until the meeting with your instructor occurs. Review your instructor's syllabus for instructions on scheduling appointments to discuss accommodations. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your accommodation specialist at (334)844-2096 or stop by the Office of Accessibility, 1228 Haley Center.

PDF Instructions for using the accommodation request system

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Accommodation Specialist
Accommodation Specialist
Accommodation Specialist
Accommodation Specialist
Accommodation Specialist