Meeting to Establish Accommodations

Prior to this appointment, the Accommodation Specialist will have reviewed your documentation and be aware of the functional limitations and recommended accommodations contained in the documentation.

During the appointment, the Accommodation Specialist will discuss with you any prior accommodations you may have had (either at the high school level or another university), as well as areas in which you feel you have difficulty. We understand that not all students requesting accommodations at Auburn have had prior experience with a disability diagnosis or accommodations. Therefore, we like to take the time to explain the role of both our office and accommodations in your academic career. We will also pose a combination of open-ended and closed ended questions—generated based off of your documentation—to gather information regarding disability related struggles that you may not be aware exist.

As the conversation progresses further into your individual needs, we will take a collaborative approach in determining the most suitable set of accommodations for your current needs. This collaboration will always involve both you and the specialist but may also include in-house technology specialists and respective faculty. Our in-house technology specialists can provide their expertise on what technology might be a valuable accommodation for you. Faculty can often times provide input on the structure and requirements of a course, which in turn will aid the specialist and you in determining the best accommodations.

Together, the Accommodation Specialist and you will explore the accommodations found to be reasonable for your current functional limitations. Each accommodation will be explained to you with care taken to highlight the benefits it can bring to your educational experience. If after much discussion you decide a particular accommodation is not needed, you will have the right to refuse the accommodation at that time. However, upon your request, it can be added at a later date.

After all accommodations have been agreed upon, the Accommodation Specialist will go over how to submit your accommodations to your professors.

Remember, Accommodation Specialist are available to meet with you to discuss any accommodation concerns that you may encounter during your career at Auburn University. Walk-in appointments are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 334-844-2096.

Disability Specialist
Disability Specialist
Disability Specialist