SKILL Coaching


SKILL includes weekly coaching sessions, averaging 50 minutes, as well as phone, text, and email support.

At each session, a student can expect a knowledgeable coach who actively listens, encourages, motivates, and supports.

Coaching sessions will be based on information provided during the initial interview, but students can expect the sessions to follow the schedule below. Study skills, time management, decision making, organization, planning, effective and professional communication and academic progress are naturally incorporated into all coaching sessions.

Initial Interview

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Academic skills and learning preferences assessment
  • Long and short term goal setting
  • Assistive Technology needs assessment

Weeks 1-2: Getting Started

  • Comprehensive syllabus review for each course
  • Set up academic planner for the semester
  • Develop a weekly schedule incorporating class and study time, as well as time for extra-curricular activities
  • Assistance adjusting classes as needed
  • Support with setting up accommodations including proctored exams

Weeks 3-14: Semester Progress

  • Weekly check ins
  • Develop weekly action plans 
  • Week 3 includes a review of courses prior to the first course drop deadline as well as a parent/guardian update
  • Week 11 includes a comprehensive review of courses prior to the midterm withdrawal deadline as well as a midterm update for parents/guardians

Weeks 15-16: Finals Preparation

  • Comprehensive course status review
  • Finalize study schedule for final exams
  • Update for parents/guardians prior to final exams