An Academic Support Program for Students Who Learn Differently

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What we are

Auburn University’s SKILL program is a fee-for-service academic support program for undergraduate students with documented evidence of learning differences and executive functioning challenges. The program offers individualized academic coaching which encourages accountability and structure as well as provides support and encouragement to reach personal and academic goals.

Our experience

We understand the challenges college students face. A SKILL coach can provide each student with the tools needed to successfully navigate the academic, emotional, and social transition college life requires.

Our philosophy

We believe major life transitions are equally exciting and challenging and asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. We believe in creating a learning environment that encourages accountability, critical thinking, and self-awareness in order to help our students enjoy their college experience independently and responsibly.

SKILL Parent Testimonials

My son is creative, smart, and talented. Coming into college, he knew he wanted to study engineering. While working in the engineering field will fit him well, getting through the classes concerned both of us. My son has ADHD. He is not very realistic with time, and he has a hard time focusing on classwork if something else captures his attention. I was delighted to learn that a professional from SKILL would work with him to plan his time and teach him how advocate for himself with his professors. I was also glad that the goal was to help him develop these skills for himself. My son still has ADHD, but he is navigating his schedule on his own. He communicates with his professors about his needs. He still does things his own way, but it is working! I am so thankful that his academic coach from SKILL got him off to a good start.

-Parent of SKILL student, enrolled Fall 2016-Fall 2017

Enrolling our son in the SKILL program at Auburn was one of the best decisions we made for him for his freshman year. Although he is more than capable of handling the academic coursework, our son’s dyslexia and ADD create hurdles when it comes to organization and executing on a plan of organization. His SKILL coach was immeasurably helpful in providing support for him throughout his freshman year. She helped him organize and plan ahead for assignments and tests (and also took into consideration his other commitments at school), but also held him accountable for following through on the plan. She didn’t do the work for him, but rather served as a support system to help him navigate through his first year. I cannot say enough good things about what this did for my son and how it helped prepare him for the rest of his college career.

-Parent of SKILL student, enrolled Fall 2016 – Fall 2017

SKILL is the next best thing since sliced bread! Excellent program and people!

-Parent of current SKILL student, enrolled Fall 2016 - current

The SKILL program at Auburn has been wonderful and has guided and supported my daughter through scheduling courses and exams, time management, tutoring resources, coordinating with her Auburn support services among many other things. Shanna Brodbeck and her team are extremely patient, understanding and nonjudgmental regarding my daughter's need to reschedule as well as medical, emotional and other student issues.

- Parent of current SKILL student, enrolled Fall 2016 - Fall 2018