Tape Recording Lectures

Tape recording a lecture to supplement notes taken in class is a reasonable accommodation and useful tool for students whose disability limits their ability to take adequate notes in a traditional lecture classroom. Oftentimes, the preferential seating accommodation accompanies this accommodation to ensure a clearly audible recording of the class.  Faculty can request a student who uses a tape recorder to sign an agreement for recording privileges. By signing this form, the student agrees to use the tape recorder solely to assist and enhance his/her personal educational learning, to not reproduce the audio recordings in any way and for any reason, and to not disrupt your ability to obtain a copyright on anything recorded in the specific course. You may also specify on this form how you wish the recordings to be disposed of at the end of the course.

Students with and without disabilities will use a variety of ways to record your lectures.  Some will use a standard digital recorder, some will you their phones or other mobile devices, and some will be using a Livescribe pen to capture your lecture.