Providing accommodations for quizzes—both announced and unannounced—may require some advanced planning and adjustments. Recommendations for how to properly accommodate a quiz will require consideration of how you administer quizzes, how students respond/record answers, what you are attempting to evaluate, the student’s accommodations and whether the quiz is announced or unannounced.

When a student meets with you to discuss his/her accommodations, we recommend that you talk with the student about the nature of your quizzes. The student may feel that accommodations are not needed on your quizzes and will tell you so at this point—he/she does reserve the right to request accommodations on any future quiz. However, there will be instances where accommodations are necessary and the student may be the best source of information for how to best go about this. If at this point, you are unsure of how to facilitate accommodations on a quiz, please contact our office as soon as possible. This will allow us to make proper arrangements in advance of the first quiz.