Medical Resignation/Withdrawal FAQs

If you are requesting a resignation or withdrawal due to the illness of a family member, please contact the Associate Dean of your College.




You will need to have a recommendation from a licensed health care provider to support a medical resignation/withdrawal request. You can start by contacting the Auburn University Medical Clinic or Student Counseling Services .



A licensed health care provider is a medical practitioner licensed to treat a student for the condition for which they are requesting a medical resignation/withdrawal. Most commonly, it will be the student’s primary care physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist. However, other licensed health care providers, such as Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Workers etc. can provide documentation if appropriate for the condition being treated.



Health conditions usually impact all courses, not just some. Exceptions can be made for physical education courses in which the student cannot complete the physical requirements of the course due to injury or illness and alternatives for completion of the course are not available. Requests for withdrawing from a course which the student is failing but remaining in courses which the student is passing will not be approved.



Processing a medical resignation or withdrawal is dependent upon sufficient medical documentation to support the request. Because we cannot determine how long a health care provider will take to provide sufficient documentation, we cannot determine how long it will take the request to be processed.



Your transcript will not show that you withdrew for medical reasons. Depending on the determined effective date of the resignation, your transcript may not show the course(s) at all, may show a W (withdrawal) or may show a WF (withdrawal failing) for the course(s).



Please contact the Medical Resignation/Withdrawal Coordinator at or (334) 844-2096.



Consult with your health care provider and follow his/her recommendation for taking final exams. If you choose not to take exams, you should contact your instructors and determine if Incomplete grades are a better option than withdrawing from classes. If you choose to take exams, but still plan to pursue a medical resignation, let your instructors know about your plans.





Anytime you reduce your credit hours, your financial aid may be impacted. Contact Student Financial Services at (334) 844-4634 or; the Scholarship Office at (334) 844-7570, or Veteran's Affairs at (334) 844-2517 to determine the financial consequences of dropping some or all courses.