jAUnt Door-to-Door Golf Cart Rides


A jaunt is a short, pleasurable excursion. Started in Fall Semester, 2011, the Office of Accessibility operates a door-to-door golf cart service for students, faculty, staff and visitors with a disability or medical condition that makes it difficult to travel within the central campus.

To schedule a golf cart ride, email the following information to


Start/End Point

We need to know where you live/how you get to campus. We are only allowed to operate our carts on the main Auburn University campus so we will need to establish a start/end point for each day. If you live in one of the on-campus dorms let us know which one. If you ride the Tiger Transit let us know which bus route and where it normally drops you off. If you drive/ride to campus in a personal vehicle let us know where you normally park. If you use a personal vehicle, please let us know the Make/Color of your vehicle so we can more easily find you in the parking lot.

Class Schedule

We need a detailed class schedule. We need to know: days of the week, start/end times, and buildings. Be as specific as possible with this information.

Injury Information

Basic information that will help our driver identify and assist you. Example: “I have a knee injury and will be on crutches for a few weeks.”

jAUnt Coordinator