Scheduling Golf Cart Rides with jAUnt

jAUnt, operated by Auburn University's Transportation Services, is a door-to-door golf cart service for students, faculty, and staff with a disability or medical condition that makes it difficult to travel within the central campus. 

The jAUnt is a courtesy service, however students/faculty/staff must provide supporting documentation before being approved for golf cart rides.

Step One

Submit supporting documentation to Barclay Bentley, Assistant Director for the Office of Accessibility, at  Once reviewed, Barclay will send an approval email to Transportation Services.  If you have questions regarding the documentation needed, feel free to call Barclay at 334-844-2096 or email him

Step Two  

Email Transportation Services at the information discussed below.  Transportation Services will need 24 hours notice to schedule rides.

Start/End Point

Transportation Services  will need to know where you live/how you get to campus. We are only allowed to operate our carts on the main Auburn University campus so we will need to establish a start/end point for each day. If you live in one of the on-campus dorms let us know which one. If you ride the Tiger Transit let us know which bus route and where it normally drops you off. If you drive/ride to campus in a personal vehicle let us know where you normally park. If you use a personal vehicle, please let us know the Make/Color of your vehicle so we can more easily find you in the parking lot.

Class Schedule

Transportation Services  will need a detailed class schedule. We need to know: days of the week, start/end times, and buildings. Be as specific as possible with this information.

Injury Information

Basic information that will help our driver identify and assist you. Example: “I have a knee injury and will be on crutches for a few weeks.”