Ways to Provide the Note-Taking Accommodation

  1. Announce the need for a volunteer note-taker to share notes. Due to confidentiality laws, the student requesting a note-taker has the right not to have his/her name disclosed.
  2. If no one volunteers to take notes, you may identify a student and ask him/her to participate.
  3. Contact the Office of Accessibility if several class periods have passed without identifying a note-taker in the course.
  4. Once a student volunteers to take notes, you should facilitate the process for the exchange of notes.
  5. If the student receiving the notes is comfortable disclosing his/her identity, you can simply introduce the two students and allow them to make plans for the note exchange.
  6. If the student with a disability wants to maintain confidentiality, arrangements need to be made so the student’s identity is kept confidential. Notetake, a website allowing for electronic submission of notes, is available to assist. It provides a fast, easy way for all parties to facilitate the accommodation.


How Notetake Online System Works:

  1. The note taker and student needing the notes are established in Notetake.
  2. The note taker uploads typed notes to the site.
  3. The student with the accommodation retrieves them at his/her convenience.
  4. Multiple students can access the same notes through the system.



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