How to Meet and Discuss Accommodations with a Student

If a student with a disability submits accommodations electronically from our office and is requesting a meeting to discuss his/her accommodations, we recommend that you meet with the student in your office or another confidential location to discuss the requested accommodations.  Discuss each accommodation and establish a plan for how the accommodations will be facilitated in your class.  After meeting with the student, document through our system that the meeting occurred and/or to address any questions or concerns.

It is also important that faculty do not:

  • Ask the student to disclose the nature of his/her disability. Most disabilities are invisible and, while the student has been instructed to self-advocate and clearly state his/her needs, he/she does not have to discuss the disability.
  • Deny a student’s accommodation request.  If there is concern that an accommodation would fundamentally change the nature of a course, contact the Office of Accessibility immediately either by phone (4-2096) or email ( It is important that you provide the accommodation until the concern has been resolved.  An accommodation cannot be denied without due process; therefore, all cases will be reviewed individually.
  • Tell the student that he/she requested the accommodations too late in the semester. While students with disabilities are encouraged to meet with faculty during the first week of class, there are many legitimate reasons why this may not be possible. Accommodations must be provided at any point in a semester; however, they do not need to be provided retroactively