Copies of Material

This accommodation is intended to give the student access to materials displayed during lecture for the purpose of supporting the students’ learning—an example might be a PowerPoint presentation. If the class as a whole is already provided this information through Canvas or by some other means, it is possible no further material would need to be provided to the student with this accommodation.

For most students, providing the copies of materials after class is sufficient. Students who require material in an alternate format—i.e. the visually impaired—will need the materials in advance. Having the material in advance will allow our office to convert it to an accessible format. Additionally, depending on a student’s needs, this allows the student to familiarize him/herself with the information since he/she will not have the advantage of the visual reference during class of his/her peers.

If you do not need your materials converted for a student, often times the best way to deliver copies of materials to students is via email or by posting on Canvas. If this does not work due to file size or complexity of materials, please arrange with the student a plan for picking up the documents.