Requesting Textbooks and Materials in Accessible Formats


Students in need of more complex accommodations such as braille, e-Books / e-text, converted Powerpoints, interpreting and captioning should schedule an appointment with their college's academic advisor to be informed about the nature of the courses being taken. Students should then schedule an appointment with a disability and technology specialist immediately after priority registration to discuss their accommodation needs for the next semester. Some accommodations such as braille textbooks could take from 6 months to a year to produce if not currently available.

Electronic Textbooks

"E-Text", which is similar to "eBooks", is the finished product of a process that scans textbook pages with high-speed scanners and then saves them as HTML documents to be posted on a secure website. This process enables persons with visual impairments or learning disabilities in reading to be more independent. Text-to-Speech software can read your material on the E-Text website, and the browser's capabilities allow you to enlarge documents for easy viewing. Knowing how to properly use the software and browser result in a new skill set that can be used throughout your college years and later, as you transition to the workplace. Text-to-Speech software is available in the Assistive Technology Lab.

Other Sources for Accessible Books

Learning Ally and Bookshare offer membership to their services. You are encouraged to obtain a membership from each agency. Please visit the websites of Learning Ally and Bookshare for more information on becoming a member. Both services could be a valuable tool to use before and after graduation from Auburn University.

Before requesting an accessible textbook(s):

  • Prior to registration, meet with your academic advisor to learn about the course(s) you wish to register for.
  • After registration meet with the course instructor(s) to discuss the nature, format, requirements of the course, and any required text(s).
  • If members, check with Learning Ally and Bookshare to see if the required text(s) are already available. If not, continue through the steps below.

To request an accessible textbook(s):


Step One - For first time request only, have alternate formats as an approved accommodation by a accommodation specialist.

Step Two - For first time request only, schedule a meeting with your Accommodation Specialist for training and account setup for online system.

Step Three - Request your textbooks in an alternate format from your Accommodation Specialist.

Step Four - Provide proof of purchase to the Office of Accessibility for each book requested to be converted.  This can be shown at the reception desk or directly to your Accommodation Specialist.

Step Five - Provide the course syllabus to your Accommodation Specialist for each book requested.

For more information contact: