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Staff Directory


Departmental Phone Number - (334) 844-2096

Trace Donald, M.S., Director

Barclay Bentley, M.Ed., Assistant Director

Jimmy Rhyne, M.S., Office Manager

Thera Brooks, Human Resources, Payroll, and Budgeting

Alexis Yount, B.S., Billing

Faculty and Student Support

Tonia Barron, Exam Coordinator

Tabitha Brecke, PhD.,  Accommodation Specialist

Shanna Brodbeck, SKILL Program Director - Academic Coach

Tina Gilbert, Accommodation Specialist

Steve Guice, Accommodation Specialist - Interpreter

Marlye Lee, M.Ed., Accommodation Specialist

Nathan Waters, M.Ed., Accommodation Specialist - Medical Resignation/Withdrawal Coordinator

R. Clay Yarbrough, Instructional Technology Specialist

Adaptive Athletics/Fitness

Robb Taylor, Wheelchair Basketball Coach

AU Wheelchair Basketball