Welcome to the Auburn Global Mathematics Placement test

To take the test, you have to login with your Student/Banner ID number. This nine digit number (90xxxxxxx) is on the invoice you received in your welcome package. (This package included your i20 paperwork and welcome letter)

The test will help us place you in the correct MATH course and provide you with a class schedule during your post-arrival academic orientation at Auburn University. The test is for placement purposes only. Please do not seek assistance from friends, family or other sources. If we place you beyond your actual skills and mathematical abilities, you will likely fail the MATH course you were placed in.

The test consists of 25 questions and you have 120 minutes to complete them.

GOOD LUCK and we look forward to welcoming you at Auburn University soon.

Helpful hints:

  • Do not use the back button or refresh your browser – it will kick you out of the test. There is a back button on the actual test screen that lets you navigate the test questions.
  • Do not use translation assistance (such as google translate) – translating will affect the test screen.
  • Make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser - otherwise the test will not function correctly.